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When those spare moment arise ... and sometimes they actually DO arise between having fun and doing boatwork ... Terry has written some articles about cruising, boat projects, and the like.  Some have been published and others are here just for fun.

MAGAZINE ARTICLES:    (published in Ocean Navigator magazine)

Accuracy Triangle (A means for precision chart plotting) Issue #98

Squall-proof Hatch Windscoop (Sleep through the squalls with plenty of fresh air) Issue #99

Pinrails (Add ease and safety) Issue #100

An Emergency Compass   (Using the 'selected stars' and more for finding direction at sea) Issue #104

Depth sounder transducer mounting alternative  (Avoid ANOTHER hole in the bottom of the boat) Issue #106

Automate the Windvane (How to integrate an electromechanical autopilot with a windvane) Issue #108

Using GPS with Topographic Maps (When you use a landlubber's map) Issue #112

Removable Inner Forestay (Roller furling vs. storm jib dilemma solved ... turn the ketch into a 'klutter') Issue #114

What a drag! (A lesson learned from dragging anchor) Issue #?

Image Logs  (Using computer graphics for enhanced log keeping) Issue #144

Fleet Code Bulletins via email  (The solution to finding the elusive tropical convergence zones) Issue #146

OTHER ARTICLES (just for fun):

Flog it and forget it   (Is this the marine industry credo?)

Traditional Navigation in the Caroline Islands (You CAN teach old salty dogs some new tricks! )